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John "WE WILL WIN" Harrell

John "WE WILL WIN" Harrell

"I believe in what ever that man (Briles) says. If he says it can be done, then it can and will be done. He told me 'John we're going to build a winner and we're going to do it fast.'" - John Harrell

Meet Mr. John "WE WILL WIN" Harrell and get his views on his recruitment and the 2003 and beyond Cougars, enjoy. DD - Tell us a little about your Stephenville team, the Jacket's mystic and the highlights of this past season. JH - Well, we didn't make it as far as I'd hoped, but I have been on varsity for three years and it's always been great playing for Stephenville. We were a team of... Recommended Stories

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